Jan 29 Blessings keep coming!

Over the past six days, we have been blessed with so many helping hands, helping minds, helping spirits!

On Monday and Tuesday, it was very stressful to have to travel and speak with doctors on some esoteric topics related to my condition and possible future treatments and changes in protocol. Yet, these knowledgeable doctors were read more>>

A Blizzard of Books Part 1 Nutrition

A Blizzard of Books – Part 1 of 3 Well-wishers have sent me a blizzard of books, CDs, and DVD’s. In many cases I have no idea who sent them. They just arrived in my hospital room, with no name attached. If you want credit for one or more, make a comment below. The materials read more>>

Jan. 21-23: At home with love

We sang. We laughed. We danced. We harvested turnips and herbs in the garden. We walked in the sunshine with wind on our faces. We prayed. We puzzled over conflicting advice about nutrition. We hugged. We ate excellent food. We watched 5-year-old girls play in the hot tub.

“We” included dear lifelong friends from Maine, read more>>

Day 21: Signs of progress

There are probably 50 or more factors one could look at as indicators of progress, or lack thereof. Today we have some newly positive developments in several of these.

Twenty of the factors are in the daily blood analysis. These numbers tell you whether the bone marrow is producing more red and white blood cells read more>>

Day 20: Martin Luther King Day

I am blessed to be alive on this Martin Luther King Day. I intend to get a lot better today!

MLK Day has special meaning for me as it does for everyone in their own way. For me, I was 22 years old when I marched on Washington in the “We shall overcome” day in read more>>

Day 18 Gifts keep coming

I can not list all of the gifts and thoughts that friends and family in what I call Team Hunter sent today. But here is a non-representational sample:

Mary Graham made me a delicious healthy butternut squash soup and it was the only healthy tasty organic thing i have been able to eat in many read more>>

Day 17 Inspirations from all quarters

I want to share just a few of the amazingly thoughtful, loving, creative messages I am receiving just today. How can a person stay sick and in pain when they have all this loving beauty to keep up with?

From George, my friend the swimming champion: Good Morning, Bev! Yesterday there was a story about read more>>

Day 16 In the nadir?

The nadir is the point in time between chemotherapy cycles in which you experience low blood counts. The timing varies from one chemo to another (and I am having five or six different ones on different dates since Dec. 29). Also nausea, and various other side effects like mouth sores, yeast infections, fever and internal read more>>