Feb 25 Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Here is a bit about Mantle Cell Lymphoma. In my visualizations, I visualize the chemo liquid empowering my white blood cells to surround and attack the broken cancerous mantle cells shown below.

Mantle Cell Image

The lymphoid nuclei are irregular. Traditionally they are described as “angulated”. In fact here the degree of indentation approaches read more>>

Feb 24 Stem cell transplant update

I want to thank all the folks who have been helping with the research on autologous stem cell transplant, mantle cell lymphoma, and centers where the stem cell transplant procedures are performed. In another message I will list some of the most valuable URLs that have been offered and I have been using. We have read more>>

Feb 22 Researching Centers for Stem Cell Transplant

Could still use more help from team investigators now on a specific topic. Hal and I with suggestions from nurses and doctors have identified about a dozen medical centers that perform autologous stem cell transplant (actually, the procedure is high dose chemo with stem cell rescue). Now we are trying to get specific info about read more>>

Feb. 20 Shifting gears

For the past week I have felt strong and healthy, have been disciplined with my various healing tasks (exercise, nutrition, humor, visualizations, social time, etc). Each day feeling better and stronger. White blood counts good, so can eat any nutritious food I choose. Weekend with son Shawn and grandson from Maine. Some of his friends read more>>

Feb. 17 Investigators Task Force

A few people have been helping do some investigation on issues related to Autologous Stem Cell Transplant procedure, related to my case. Here I will post the questions as I now see them, with the caveat that perhaps the questions change daily. You can send private email to bev_hunter@earthlink.net if you have thoughts on this read more>>

Feb 12: Getting a dozen eggs

I walked over to the neighbor’s to get a dozen fresh eggs and visit the hens. The reason this is worth writing to you about is the following.

David Steindl-Rast is a noted Benedictine monk who speaks and writes books, such as this lovely little “Music of Silence: A sacred journey through the hours of read more>>

Feb. 9: Balancing, and trust

February 9, 2011

Balancing, and Trust

Cheryl the nutritionist tells me, “Beverly, do not stress about this (food and nutrition). Give yourself some leeway. Stay strong, eat just a little every hour if that is all you can do.”

All my adult life I have been a Project person. With others, I conceptualize and design read more>>

Feb 5 Insights on pain from scripture and others

In what ways can one grow through pain and adversity? People and books are bringing to me scriptures that are sometimes frustrating, sometimes consoling, sometimes challenging me to new levels of understanding and effort. Here are some of them:

Paul in 2 Corinthians 12: 7 – 10. (First, he was boasting of his elation at read more>>