March 24 Not saying much

I’ve tried to make it a habit to write constructive, reflective — even, sometimes, cheerful posts on this blog. It’s hard to do that this week. Lots of chemo side effects to cope with, not pleasant and certainly not to write home about as we say.

Hal, Bev in Hospital March 20. photo by read more>>

March 16 Daily Disciplines

Thank you, Team Hunter!

Here in hospital, of course first daily priority is to about twenty – thirty interactions with nurses and doctors with their various procedures related to my chemotherapy and rescues from their side effects. Then there are the various cleanliness procedures to keep from getting sores, infections, etc. And of course the read more>>

March 11 Major Milestone

Today I received the radiologist’s report from my PET scan of yesterday. My oncologolist seemed very pleased with the results. Basically, there is “no hyperbolic uptake seen in the previously demonstrated massive areas as described above.” There are some residual “densities” but they are not metabolically active. I don’t know if the following is good read more>>

March 8 Scheduling snafus, need blood

The schedules for treatment and consultations and lab work and tests get pretty darned tight, especially when anyone drops the ball in the slightest. And there are so many different organizations involved.

One really has to be one’s own case manager. But how can a person know in advance things like, it takes four hours read more>>

March 4 Consultation at Johns Hopkins Oncology

Hal and I met with Dr. Yvette L. Kasamon at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Cancer Center in Baltimore on March 4, 2011. In advance I had had all my medical records sent to them, in addition to the required tissue from the biopsy sample.

We had about 90 minutes with Dr. Kasamon. At the end, read more>>

March 2: Moving Fast


With the help of many members of Team Hunter, an amazing amount of progress has been made over the past few days with regard to conducting research on “High Dose Chemotherapy with Stem Cell Rescue (HDC/SCR)”, identifying institutions for consultation, meeting the information requirements, and setting up appointments for second opinion read more>>