April 26 – May 2 Hospital Chemotherapy Week

I’m here in hospital for another week of chemotherapy.

Here we go again. I thought I knew the complications to look out for, but here comes another one. According to the PET scan on april 26, the cancer is further in remission but I have pneumonia! Now they are giving me intravenous antibiotics. Pneumonia can read more>>

April 25 Not Doing Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

I have written several posts on the subject of High Dose Chemotherapy with Autologous Stem Cell Rescue, otherwise abbreviated to ASCT. March 31 Bethesda; March 4 Consultation at Johns Hopkins; March 2 Moving Fast; February 24 Stem Cell Transplant Update; February 17 Investigators Task Force. Many people on Team Hunter have been assisting in the read more>>

April 24 Easter

What a week! On Monday, got out of unexpected hospital stay. Tuesday was amazing day, with church ladies coming to clean our house; son Shawn and his wife and three children arriving from Maine; long time friends bringing the traditional Latvian torte to celebrate my 70th birthday; amazing gifts including a 30-foot long string of read more>>

April 14 Hitting New Lows

“You’ve never been to this place before,” the nurse said to me today. The “place” she was referring to is the level of destruction of my body from the cumulative effects of all the HYPER-CVAD chemo, and this last round.

I was confused and scared when I looked at the blood analysis today. I have read more>>

April 13 Racing to a Cure

Racing to a Cure: A Cancer Victim Refuses Chemotherapy and Finds Tomorrow’s Cures in Today’s Scientific Laboratories. By Neil Ruzic, with David Ruzic

Here I tell a bit about Neil Ruzic, and how his book affected me.

Neil Ruzic was diagnosed in 1998 with Mantle Cell Lymphoma, the deadliest cancer of the lymph system. Unhappy read more>>

April 8 Healing Words

Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of persons have told me they are praying for me. Some of these people are dear friends and family and they tell me they pray for me every day.

Some of the people who pray for me, I do not know at all. For example, here is the writing that came with read more>>

March 31: Bethesda

On Tuesday, March 30, Hal and I made the long-anticipated journey to Bethesda, Maryland and today we had our consultation there at the National Cancer Institute Oncology Unit.

In ancient times, in Jerusalem, the Pools of Bethesda were a place of sacred healing according to the Gospel of John in the New Testament. I experienced read more>>