May 31 Alternative Healing Practices part 2

I continue with brief excerpts from books on alternative healing practices. I am working to identify which people, ideas and practices are relevant for me; which ideas are cited by multiple sources (and therefore might be most important); which ideas there is disagreement about. As I said in my last post, it is difficult, impossible, read more>>

May 27 Alternative Healing Practices part 1

Now that my course of chemotherapy is nearly finished, I am looking to build a healthy, healing lifestyle that will help to prevent the return of the cancer and will get me strong and healthy. Dozens of the books and references people have sent me address the healing and prevention of cancer by means other read more>>

May 19 Postponements, Opportunities

My oncologist/haematologist decided to postpone my last inpatient week of chemotherapy to May 31 week, due to the broken arm.

This opens up some nice opportunities to participate in community activities such as the Evening View fundraiser for farmland preservation sponsored by the Rappahannock County Conservation Alliance, and an Advisory Committee meeting for the Friends read more>>

May 10 This too shall pass

There are many lessons in patience and humility in this journey with lymphoma.

It is late afternoon on Tuesday. I have been in hospital since last Wednesday with this emergency. Platelets are being ordered as I write this; it will take time for the blood to arrive at the hospital blood bank. Then it will read more>>

May 6 In Fauquier Hospital

Hard to type due to broken arm. I interacted with at least 30 different health care professionals past 48 hours probably more. Including 7 or 8 doctors, a dozen techs, a dozen nurses, and many others. I am confined to “bed rest” which means no walking at all.

according to dr Marsh the oncologist who read more>>

May 4 Unexpected Development

I wound up this morning via ambulance at Fauquier Hosp emergency room, blood from head to toe. i have no memory of what happened till medics were strapping me to a board and putting my head in a constraint. i am told i was lying face down in a pile of broken glass on the read more>>