June 23 Hurrah! Just finished my last chemo treatment

This afternoon, I asked nurse Kim what is my next chemo (she hangs the bags of chemo liquid onto my IV pole). She said, “you finished the last one about an hour ago.” I was a bit shocked, because i know I will need to be in hospital until Saturday. But then it hit me: read more>>

June 22 Finishing This Phase

There is some possibility I will get out of hospital by friday night. A few things have to go right. The methotrexate levels have to get down to acceptable level in bloodstream. The blood counts have to be at tolerable low level or else we need more transfusion before we get out of here. We read more>>

June 19 Hospital This Week

I had to call my oncologist’s office to find out that she had placed the orders for me to be inpatient this coming week for this final round of the HYPERCVAD chemo protocol. (She had promised to call me and tell me what she and the bone marrow specialist decided, but she did not call read more>>

June 13 Unsettling Lab Results

Something else to research now.

It’s been six weeks since my last chemo treatment, so I was looking forward to seeing today’s Complete Blood Count (CBC). I was sure my counts would be up now, to perhaps low normal. I found instead that the red blood, hemoglobin, and platelets counts are about the same as read more>>

June 12 A Taste of Freedom

It’s been six weeks since my last chemotherapy, and I am feeling better with each day. Even with the broken arm etc. and limited physical exercise. I am getting a taste of what it will be like to be out of the chemotherapy cycle of hospital, low blood counts, neutropenia, blood transfusions, extreme fatigue, avoidance read more>>

June 8 Alternative Healing Practices part 3

As explained in the previous two posts, I am attempting here to summarize the recommendations of alternative and integrative practitioners that I am reading, with special focus on those aspects that might be relevant to my case (almost never do any of them mention even non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, much less my rare form of it, Mantle-cell read more>>