August 18 Building Healthy Habits

The month in Maine was a healing time. On July 15 I was too ill (in Hal’s opinion) to travel two days by car from VA to Maine, so I flew to Portland. When we returned home on August 14 I was like a new person. Love, fun, rest, grandkids, friends, beautiful places, healthy foods, read more>>

August 9 Defusing Fear

On July 26 I wrote here about David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD, who wrote the book Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life. Here I continue with one more theme from that book:

Defusing Fear (Chapter 10)

On the day I was given my diagnosis of lymphoma, I overheard a nurse at the Cancer Center comment read more>>

August 5 Getting Better in Maine

Getting a bit stronger each day here in Maine. I have found an excellent physical therapy group practice where I have two sessions per week to restore movement and strength in the shoulder associated with the broken bone in the humerus. Plus daily exercises with a pulley. Getting lots of sleep, and increasing amounts of read more>>