September 29 Acupuncture

Yesterday was my first acupuncture treatment for improving the bone marrow function. My Integrative Doctor Steinmetz used a protocol that has been used in several research studies for improvement of white blood cell production and other immune system functioning. She also added a couple needles to assist with my shoulder rehabilitation. We will be doing read more>>

September 22 Getting caught up?

The company that manages the server for my blog had a hardware failure and lost several posts plus backups. So now I will reconstruct some main info since Sept. 1. Sept. 1: low white count, low platelets, low red blood cells. Got PET scan and bone marrow extraction. Sept. 8: neutropenic. Saw Integrative Doctor Steinmetz. read more>>

September 1 Neutropenia

The dreaded word. Neutropenic. Today my white blood count is almost to zero, and less than one neutrophil. That means officially neutropenic. The last time I was neutropenic I got a rare blood infection, became septic, and almost died in the ICU. So it is not to be fooled with.

Last Friday, I got a read more>>