October 24 Back to Work

October 24 marked an official date for my going “back to work.” Volunteer work, but still work. RappFLOW (Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watersheds) elected a new Board of Directors, and officers. I was persuaded to serve as President again, after a hiatus in my RappFLOW activities due to the past several months’ illness.\

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October 13 Complexity of Healing

October 13 Complexity of Healing Last night at the Healing Service at Trinity Episcopal Church, Rev. Jenks talked briefly about the complexity of healing, drawing on several different scriptural examples. He got me to thinking about the complexity of my own healing processes and activities, and how my understandings keep changing. It is not a read more>>

October 6 Understanding and Reducing Stress

October 6 Reducing Stress After our first meeting last summer, Dr. Steinmetz wrote to me (in part): “We want to be sure the immune system is strong. I want to start with everything we can do without medication or supplements. So you need to get 8 hours sleep at night, try to work on some read more>>