Nov 23 Giving Thanks

Moss and lichens on rocks and tree trunks glowed in the mist as Hal and I and Casey walked through the forest up the winding hill at daybreak. The hilly hike up to the mailbox to get the Washington Post and back each morning makes for a good aerobic and lovely start to the day.

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Nov. 18 The Pleasure of Giving

Over the past 50 years or so, neuroscientists and psychologists have studied how stimulation of certain areas in the brain (medial forebrain; nucleus accumbens) creates pleasure. Using a brain scanner it is now possible to observe activation of the brain’s pleasure circuitry in humans — in response to food, sex, drugs, gambling, monetary rewards.

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11/11/11 The New Normal: Life Lived With Cancer

There is an article by this title at

She describes the idea of the New Normal — a new concept of what a normal day’s life is like when living with cancer. I have been thinking about this idea of a “New Normal” lately. If you have looked at some of the scientific articles read more>>

Nov 8 Good Things

Lots of good things to report. First, the halloween events in Yarmouth with family.

Our “haunted house” entertained a few dozen people, who themselves came all in costume younger and older alike.

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