2012 March 19 Rituximab

I am at the Cancer Center getting an infusion of Rituximab. This takes several hours. Hal will drive me home because the drugs they give you to avoid a reaction to the infusion can make you sleepy.

According to Wikipedia, Rituximab is one of a class of substances called Monoclonal Antibodies. Rituximab(trade names Rituxan and read more>>

2012 March 14 More Good News

The CT scan on Monday showed no lymph node enlargements or any other lymphoma-related activity. So that is good.

Son Shawn and his wife run marathon races and triathlons. So it seems trivial to say that I am preparing for the 10 kilometer Fodderstack footrace, which I plan to WALK with several friends. But for read more>>

2012 March 12 Prep for CT Scan

This coming Monday I am scheduled for my next CT scan.

This test is now performed every three months. It is a reminder of the lurking threat of a return of the lymphoma. I read the latest research from Europe from studies of patients with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. I feel so well, it is hard read more>>