Two Years of Healing

On exactly this day, 2011, I received my last treatment of chemotherapy after six months of very intensive chemo, much of it as an inpatient in hospital.

On that day two years ago, in a very weakened state from long intense sessions of chemotherapy, I visualized being in a beautiful place of healing.  Following a guided visualization led by Belleruth Naparstek, I imagined I was down at the Rappahannock River in a favorite spot there beside a big rock I call the “Rock of Ages.”  In my visualization, I was on the bank of the river, watching the bright sparkles of sunlight bouncing up from the rapids.  I would catch the energy from these beams of light, and invite them inside me with the chemotherapy.  I directed the light and the energy to heal the cancer and make me well again.

This week, I had the great joy and further affirmation of health to be able to go tubing down this same river, with dear friend Carol Wall and her three grandsons.  I felt strong and peaceful floating in the river’s current, watching the sunlight sparkle on the water.  Today I made the connection between that day two years ago and today.   I was standing in church and we were singing some song about taking strength from the river.  All of a sudden the connection came to me, between my enthusiasm this past week for the river, and that day two years ago when I visualized health from the river.

It is a great joy to be alive on this beautiful planet.

Here is the Rock of Ages and my friends last week.

At the Rock of Ages

and here we are tubing

Back in the Rappahannock River

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