Talks in the Caves

Talks in the Caves

Generations ago, Daoud’s family lived in caves on this property.  Now they are renewing the uses of the caves because they are not allowed to build any buildings.  The caves are pleasant, cool places to meet in the heat of Palestine.

Revitalized old caves painted by children in summer camp, make wonderful cool meeting rooms for visitors.


TON_meeting n cave (1 of 1)Daoud gave lectures to three groups in this cave the day we were there.  The themes are similar each time.


– There is now more and more isolation from Bethlehem and the local villages, due to the closing off of roads and the construction of more and more “settlements”.

– We want to invest our frustration in a positive way.  We are committed to nonviolent resistance.  We build bridges between land and people. people to people.

– To be the victim is dangerous.  We will have NO violence; NO hate; NO victim role; NO leaving and giving up.

– We create a fourth way: We refuse to be enemies.  We learn and teach self-sufficiency.  We planted so far this year 600 new trees for peace.  We seek peace from the bottom up.

– They cut off our water supply but now, we have 200,000 gallons of water stored in cisterns.

– They cut off our electricity, but now, we have enough solar electric to meet all our needs.

– Seven caves now are in use on the property.  Children in summer camp clean and paint the caves.  Children are learning to take positive steps and learn how to employ the technology. Here is some of the infrastructure being constructed on the Farm by visitors and locals:

Placque in honor of the people who created the solar energy panels.


















TON_watertanks (1 of 1)Water storage for gravity feed.


TON_cistern (1 of 1)  Cistern.

Foundation for the new wine press.
Foundation for the new wine press.  The Tent of Nations plans to buy grapes from local farmers, so those farmers can have a marketable product from their lands.

In 2010 after my return to Trinity Church from the Tent of Nations, Trinity Outreach committee with Hal Hunter’s help, sent a wine press to the farm to help the farm make commercial use of its grape harvest.  This year, the farm is engaging in a new idea.  They will purchase grapes from their neighboring farms and make it into wine.  Palestinian farms have very few opportunities to sell any produce outside the local area due to the roads being closed off.

Summer Camps for Palestinian Children

Art abounds throughout the farm, a legacy of the Palestinian children who come here for summer camp.

Artworks from summer camps abound all over the farm.

In summer camps, 25 international volunteers will work with local Palestinian children in the theme “With heart and hand we change the land.”  These children of Occupation are in great need of the positive, uplifting, and skill building lessons they get at the Tent of Nations.  They learn the technology, the beauty, and the spirit of peace in the face of adversity.  I would love to offer a photography workshop at the camp.  Check back in here in 2015 and see what happened.


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