Visitors to the Farm


International Visitors

The day our group visited the Farm, two other groups were there.  One was a German tour group and the other was an international group of Jewish young people.  Here is a brief about the Yahel Israel Service Learning group I had the privilege to have lunch with at the TON, and hear Daoud’s talk with them.

Yahel Israel Service Learning


Jewish young people pursue social justice in a year long program in Israel.
Jewish young people international  pursue social justice in a year long program in Israel.

Yahel is an educational organization that offers service learning and social action programs in Israel to Jewish young people from around the world. They are passionate about getting people to work side by side in order to bring about personal and social change. Yahel works hand in hand with partners in Israel and abroad. They offer tailored programs for non-Israeli groups who seek to experience Israel beyond the tour bus and make a contribution to Israeli society. They offer high-quality immersion programs that are community based and unique in their depth and sustainability. Yahel programs have three main components: Service.  Hands-on service work that responds to real community needs. Service projects include tutoring, working in community gardens, youth activities, and urban renewal projects. Learning.  In-depth learning that is directly connected to the service experience.Learning is experiential and diverse and includes formal study sessions, meetings with community members and change-makers, study-tours and reflection. Immersion. An immersive experience where participants live, learn and work together with Israeli peers from local communities.

Daoud speaks with international  Yahel young people.
Daoud speaks with international Yahel young people.
Daoud’s talk to the Yahel group was exactly the same as his message to our group of Americans.  He did not give different versions of reality to Christians and to Jews.  He told the same honest, visionary story to all groups.  He welcomes all groups who come in peace with open arms and uplifting messages, while describing the hardships of Occupation in all honest reality.









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