Women’s Center in Nahalin

Bent al Reef Women’s Center in Nahalin

TON Women's Center in Nahalin village

I had the privilege to make a quick visit to the Women’s Center in the village of Nahalin, where Jahin has organized opportunities for the village Muslim women to learn skills and abilities in English, writing, reading, computers, crafts, health, agriculture.  They get opportunities for physical exercise (normally forbidden to these women, exercises are done in secret places).




Bev with Jihan, organizer of the Women's Center.

Bags made by Center women from plastic bag materials.

They get opportunities to create products that they actually sell, like these creative purses and bags.  The colors are from the original plastic bags which come in different colors.  They crochet the bags from strips they make out of the plastic bags.  A great set of lessons in recycling, handcrafts, art, and entrepreneurship!  The women are so excited to actually have someone pay for something they created.




Bev and Jihan at the Womens Center


Recycling plastic bags into artistic and functional products.

Recycling plastic bags into artistic and functional products.

Our church Trinity Episcopal contributed to the stained glass project.



recycling glass2

Glass art.
Glass art and bead art.




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