Women’s Center in Nahalin

Bent al Reef Women’s Center in Nahalin

I had the privilege to make a quick visit to the Women’s Center in the village of Nahalin, where Jahin has organized opportunities for the village Muslim women to learn skills and abilities in English, writing, reading, computers, crafts, health, agriculture. They get opportunities for physical exercise read more>>

100-Year History of the Farm

History of the Farm

The land known as Dahers’ Vineyard was purchased in 1916 by Daher Nassar, the father of Bishara, and grandfather of the Nassar family who now run the Tent of Nations project. Since that time, many family members have worked the land by day, and slept in caves by night. The land read more>>

Talks in the Caves

Talks in the Caves

Generations ago, Daoud’s family lived in caves on this property. Now they are renewing the uses of the caves because they are not allowed to build any buildings. The caves are pleasant, cool places to meet in the heat of Palestine.


Daoud gave lectures to three groups in this read more>>

Visitors to the Farm


International Visitors

The day our group visited the Farm, two other groups were there. One was a German tour group and the other was an international group of Jewish young people. Here is a brief about the Yahel Israel Service Learning group I had the privilege to have lunch with at the TON, and read more>>

Community around Tent of Nations

Bethlehem has a centuries-old spiritual, cultural and economic link with Jerusalem, located only a few kilometers away. It is highly dependent on religious pilgrims and tourism for its economic survival. However, the Israeli policy of constructing settlements and the Wall around Bethlehem has turned the city from a social and lively spirit to an isolated read more>>

Emergency: Israelis demolishing Tent of Nations

Dear Friends of Tent of Nations all over the world,

Today at 2.00 pm in the afternoon, 2 officers form the Israeli Civil Administration guarded by Israeli soldiers came to our farm and gave us NINE demolishing orders for nine ( structures) we built in the last years without a building permit from the Israeli read more>>

Spiritual growth in the St. George’s Course

Spiritual Growth and Finding Peacemakers in Jerusalem and Israel

Article for May 2010 issue of Trinity Times Newsletter by Beverly Hunter

In the April 2010 issue of Trinity Times, Sharon Kilpatrick provided an excellent summary of major events during our 2-week pilgrimage to Israel with the Diocese of Virginia, called the Jerusalem Mile Project. read more>>

Let peace begin with me

There is a much-loved song that starts “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” This tune kept running through my head throughout my time in Israel/Palestine. At first, it was a fairly abstract concept to me, one that has some logic to it — that peace begins with each individual read more>>