Emergency: Israelis demolishing Tent of Nations

Dear Friends of Tent of Nations all over the world,

Today at 2.00 pm in the afternoon, 2 officers form the Israeli Civil Administration guarded by Israeli soldiers came to our farm and gave us NINE demolishing orders for nine ( structures) we built in the last years without a building permit from the Israeli read more>>

Spiritual growth in the St. George’s Course

Spiritual Growth and Finding Peacemakers in Jerusalem and Israel

Article for May 2010 issue of Trinity Times Newsletter by Beverly Hunter

In the April 2010 issue of Trinity Times, Sharon Kilpatrick provided an excellent summary of major events during our 2-week pilgrimage to Israel with the Diocese of Virginia, called the Jerusalem Mile Project. read more>>

Let peace begin with me

There is a much-loved song that starts “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” This tune kept running through my head throughout my time in Israel/Palestine. At first, it was a fairly abstract concept to me, one that has some logic to it — that peace begins with each individual read more>>

Sad last day in Jerusalem

It is with sorrow that I leave Jerusalem tonight, because today is full of rioting and anger and smoke and noise. One article explains some of it at http://enews.earthlink.net/article/top?guid=20100316/dc03e3dc-4518-4edb-a164-e6d39e36e131

I wanted to go this morning up to a quiet garden on the Mount of Olives, to read and take photos of the city. My taxi read more>>

The phrase “God’s Peace” has new meaning

The choir of young Palestinian Christians sang in Arabic a song called “God’s Peace” and it was translated for the audience on a screen. I will never say the phrase “God’s Peace” again without remembering the deeper meaning it has to such people. In Episcopal church service we say “God’s Peace” to each other as read more>>

Planting trees for peace at Tent of Nations farm

Sign at entrance to the farm

Saturday March 13. By noon I have planted 20 tiny almond and pine tree seedlings in the rocky terraced soil at 3,000 feet elevation at Tent of Nations farm in the West Bank of Palestine.

Planting almond seedlings at Tent of Nations Farm

With me are two read more>>

A new Exodus

“A journey into freedom” is how our leader described the Last Supper as we stood in “the upper room” underneath the House of St. Mark Church of the Last Supper.

We were greeted at St. Mark’s by a chubby, powerful-looking woman priest dressed from head to toe in black robes. She called herself a read more>>

Experiencing some Palestine frustrations

It is a good thing, I think, to have to experience some of the frustrations that people here live with all the time. Today I did not accomplish what I set out to do, exactly, but I probably learned more because of it.

I was well prepared for my foray to a special, very historical read more>>