Dec 4 “Right Relationship”

Review and discussion of Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy by Peter G. Brown and Geoffrey Garver.

(Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.: 2009)

Our current economic system – which assumes endless growth and limitless potential wealth – flies in the face of the fact that the earth’s life-support capacity is finite. The result is increasing destruction read more>>

Nov 23 Giving Thanks

Moss and lichens on rocks and tree trunks glowed in the mist as Hal and I and Casey walked through the forest up the winding hill at daybreak. The hilly hike up to the mailbox to get the Washington Post and back each morning makes for a good aerobic and lovely start to the day.

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Feb 12: Getting a dozen eggs

I walked over to the neighbor’s to get a dozen fresh eggs and visit the hens. The reason this is worth writing to you about is the following.

David Steindl-Rast is a noted Benedictine monk who speaks and writes books, such as this lovely little “Music of Silence: A sacred journey through the hours of read more>>

Garden in mid-October

The mid-October garden is a dynamic mix of summer crops –like peppers– and flowers still flourishing; some autumn crops– like swiss chard and rutabaga and cilantro– in full force; and others — like carrots and spinach and cauliflower– just on their way to fruition .

Peppers in the mid-October garden

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Trout habitat, salad for the hungry, and winepress for peace

There is progress on many fronts this week. Tomorrow is scheduled a “fish shocking” in which we learn the numbers and species of fish in two of our major streams. This in support of our “restore habitat for native brook trout” project with the Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watersheds (RappFLOW). The “salad read more>>


Last year hundreds of volunteers donated nearly 6,300 hours of their time at County Interfaith Foodbank. They came from churches, civic groups, and corporations-many were individuals who simply felt a strong calling to help in any way they could. Hundreds of other county residents, groups, and organizations donated money, food, or life skills expertise (and read more>>