Naturalists Observe Changes

Naturalists’ Observations of Changes in Weather, Ecosystems, Hydrology, (and possibly Climate) in Virginia USA

by Beverly Hunter, February 2014 for the World Bank Course on Climate Change

In the World Bank international course on climate change, I learned that some people who live in cities say they do not experience the effects of climate change. read more>>

2012 Sept. 21 Autumn Joys

Tomorrow is the equinox. Already we feel the beauties of the autumn in Virginia. I feel an embarrassment of riches in the meadows of goldenrod, the red berries of dogwood. In the garden we have the swiss chard, the summer herbs still blooming, the last of the tomatoes, the sweet potatoes almost ready to harvest, read more>>

2012 Memorial Day Tubing Down the Rappahannock

Tubing Down the Rappahannock River

The water is perfect this weekend for tubing down the Rappahannock River at our place. It’s been raining gently for a few days, so the water is higher than the rocks and a nice temperature. Fast current, some whitewater. Even a few canoists and kayakers in the river!

Tubing read more>>

2012 April 21 Finishing the Fodderstack 10K Footrace

On Saturday April 21 I started and finished the 10 K Fodderstack Race, which in and of itself does not sound like a Big Deal, but surely for me it was a very good milestone. A year ago and even less I was so weak I could walk just a few yards.

Here we are, read more>>

November 2010 Community Singalong for Food Pantry

In November 2010, we had the pleasure of Hal Hunter’s fingers on the keyboard as the crowd sang lustily in a Community Singalong, to benefit the Rappahannock Food Pantry (also a cause of Hal’s). Trinity Episcopal Church sponsored the event and Kay Wilson organized it. The photos below are by Paula Endo.

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Kaye Wilson, organizer (left)

Bev happily singing every song

Every mouth open!

Carla Theodore sings her favorite

A crowd of singers in Trinity Parish Hall sang enthusiastically for hours