February 6, 2012 “That Was Easy!”

February 6, 2012 “That Was Easy!”

Staples sells this round red button that reads “EASY”. When you hit the button, a guy says in a cheerful voice, “That was easy!” 

I would like to share some observations of myself in terms of some things getting easier, and some theories as to why. These are read more>>

July 22 Finally in Maine

A week ago I got on a plane at Dulles Airport and flew to Portland Maine. That might sound mundane, but for me it was like travelling to another galaxy.

The previous day, July 14, I pushed to get all the final details complete — the ok signoff from the bacteriologist/infectious disease specialist; the ok read more>>

June 23 Hurrah! Just finished my last chemo treatment

This afternoon, I asked nurse Kim what is my next chemo (she hangs the bags of chemo liquid onto my IV pole). She said, “you finished the last one about an hour ago.” I was a bit shocked, because i know I will need to be in hospital until Saturday. But then it hit me: read more>>