April 14 Hitting New Lows

“You’ve never been to this place before,” the nurse said to me today. The “place” she was referring to is the level of destruction of my body from the cumulative effects of all the HYPER-CVAD chemo, and this last round.

I was confused and scared when I looked at the blood analysis today. I have read more>>

April 13 Racing to a Cure

Racing to a Cure: A Cancer Victim Refuses Chemotherapy and Finds Tomorrow’s Cures in Today’s Scientific Laboratories. By Neil Ruzic, with David Ruzic

Here I tell a bit about Neil Ruzic, and how his book affected me.

Neil Ruzic was diagnosed in 1998 with Mantle Cell Lymphoma, the deadliest cancer of the lymph system. Unhappy read more>>

Day 16 In the nadir?

The nadir is the point in time between chemotherapy cycles in which you experience low blood counts. The timing varies from one chemo to another (and I am having five or six different ones on different dates since Dec. 29). Also nausea, and various other side effects like mouth sores, yeast infections, fever and internal read more>>

Day 13 A Different War

We had been waiting for the final report from the pathologists for weeks now. Today my doctor Kula informed me that they now have it. It is not good. Instead of the previous diagnosis of Burkitt’s, we now have diagnosis of Mantle Cell lymphoma (MCL). This has been confirmed by two labs, using two separate read more>>