Tent of Nations Seeking Peace

Pilgrims hike over rocks to get to Tent of Nations

Pilgrims hike over rocks to get to Tent of Nations

Tent of Nations seeking peace from the bottom up.

May 1, 2014.  Our group of pilgrims from Virginia, led by Presbyterian minister Susan Wilder,  climb over rocks placed recently in the road leading to the Tent of Nations (TON).  We are a few miles south of Bethlehem, in the area of Palestine called West Bank Area C.



Nassar family and our pilgrim group.

Nassar family (left) and our pilgrim group. Seated are our leader Rev. Susan Wilder, Daher Nassar, and two of our pilgrims, Steve and Greg.

On this day, I learn about the following recent developments on the Farm and in the neighborhood.  Please read my recent posts on these topics:

– The Local Community around the Farm, especially recent new threats of confiscation of more Palestinian farmlands for more Israeli “settlements,” and more roads being closed off to Palestinians in what is supposed to be the Palestinian area.

– More ways in which the Tent of Nations is an increasingly valuable resource to its neighboring farms, village, children through its technical assistance, message of peace and hope, women’s center, children’s camps, agricultural innovations, technical infrastructure for self-sufficiency, and more.

– Groups that visit the farm, from all faiths, nationalities, localities.  I was excited to have lunch with the Yahel Israel service learning group of Jewish young people who came to learn at TON.

– Improving infrastructure — for generating electricity, collecting and reusing rainwater and gray water, using ancient caves for meeting and housing, outdoor cooking, and processing grapes.

– Summer camps for local children, with mentors and teachers from all over the world.  “With heart and hand we change the land.”

– Bent al Reef (“Girl of the Countryside”) Women’s Center in the Village of Nahalin and why it is important.

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